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  • Certified true copy

You may have to submit or forward an important document, such as a birth certificate; a passport, or an educational credential to a government agency or an employer.  There may be instances where you might be able to submit a certified true copy rather than submitting the original. Depending on the circumstances, a certified copy may be sufficient.  In Ontario, a notary public is authorized by law to certify a copy having seen the original document.

At Achtari Law, we can certify a copy of your original documents.  You must bring the original document you wish to have certified.

  • Letter of invitation

For those requiring a visa to travel to Canada and/or the USA, a letter of invitation from their host may strengthen their application.  A letter of invitation is typically provided by the host who resides in the corresponding country . There is no requirement that the host be a citizen, or a permanent resident of either country.  The host must confirm the status he/she holds in Canada (or the USA) and provides information about the intended visit. The host may also volunteer a number of undertakings such as providing accommodation, or ensuring a timely departure from the country.

At Achtari law we can craft an invitation letter that best meets the requirements of both the host and the visa applicant.  

  • Consent to travel:

Children travelling with one parent; or a third party, are well advised to carry a consent to travel from one or both parents.  The letter is to address any concerns an immigration (or police officer) may have about the ability of the child to travel with the accompanying adult.

  • Commissioner of oath

A commissioner of oath is authorized to administer and or witness the swearing of oaths or solemn affirmations in the taking of an affidavit.  The individual who is being sworn must be physically present before the commissioner of oath.

In the province of Ontario, lawyers are authorized to act as commissioners of oath.  Articling students who are lawyers in training may also apply for and obtain the authorization to act as a commissioner of oath for the duration of their articles.

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