Looking to make an appeal?

  • Judicial review (appeal to the federal court)
  • Appeal to the IAD and RAD
  • Citizenship appeals
  • Residency appeals

There are a number of tribunals and courts in Canada in charge of receiving and hearing appeals.  For example, the IAD (immigration appeal division) is in charge of hearing spousal sponsorship appeals; the RAD (refugee appeal division) is in charge of hearing refugee claim appeals.  The federal court of Canada is in charge of hearing judicial reviews.

If you have received a negative decision from CIC or the IRB, it is important to explore the possibility of challenging that decision.  Appeals are extremely time sensitive and it is very important that you discuss your case with an appeal lawyer as soon as possible.

At Achtari Law PC, we will carefully review the underlying decision and find any errors made by the lower level decision maker.  We will then develop all the necessary arguments and present them to  the court or tribunal.


How we help..

  • Contact Achtari Law PC and arrange a consultation to discuss the negative decision.
  • During the consultation we will ask questions to better understand you and your circumstances.
  • We will evaluate your case, the file and the decision.
  • We will explain the process as it applies to you and your chances of success if possible at that stage.

If you decide to retain our services:

  • We will file your notice of appeal
  • We will ensure that your appeal is filed within the proper timelines.
  • We will keep you informed of the progress of your file.


If you would like us to help you on your application to immigrate to Canada you can call us now on Tel. +1 (613) 564-0004 or make an appointment by filling out the form to the right.


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