Permanent Residence
(Through Express Entry)

Express entry is the new method of delivering three main economic immigration programs.  Namely, the federal skilled worker program, the Canadian experience program, and the federal skilled trades program.  Skilled immigrants are chosen as permanent residents based on their ability to settle in Canada and take part in the economy.

Candidates express their interest in immigrating to Canada by creating a profile in the Express Entry program.  They will be ranked against other candidates based on factors, such as age, education, work experience, adaptability etc…The government will extend an invitation to the top 10% at every round.  Those receiving an invitation to apply (ITA) will have a limited number of days to apply for permanent residence.

Do you qualify for express entry?

Let the expert members of our team evaluate your points and determine under which program you are more likely to receive an invitation to apply. You may also receive an invitation to apply through a provincial nomination program as a candidate under the EE program. We can assist you by preparing and submitting your application as well as monitoring your case on a regular basis.

Let us help.

  • Contact Achtari Law PC and arrange a consultation to discuss your overall situation.
  • During the consultation we will ask questions to better understand you and your circumstances.
  • We will calculate your points under the EE program and the comprehensive ranking system (CRS)
  • We will identify any issues and or weaknesses related to your case.
  • We will explain the process as it applies to you.

If you decide to retain our services:

  • We will prepare your application package.
  • We will ensure that your application is submitted correctly and on time.
  • Appeal the decision if your application has been refused.

If you would like us to help you on your application to immigrate to Canada you can call us now on Tel. +1 (613) 564-0004 or make an appointment by filling out the form to the right.

Let Us Help - Contact Us Today.

“See what people are saying about Achtari Law”

I have always worked my way through immigration-related matters on my own, but thinking about applying for Express-entry for Canada permanent residency I was recommended to work with a lawyer despite the seemingly straightforward process.
There are so many nuances and subtleties that would have definitely become problematic had I not worked with an experienced and knowledgable lawyer like Ms. Achtari. She is a very peculiar, organized and caring professional and made sure to understand my situation well before recommending and following up with her helpful advices.
Her team culture is the same; they responded to my questions and emails quickly and helped with finding the right resources. I am delighted that I worked with them to grant my PR, and the smooth process they made it seem like.

Shaghayegh, Express Entry Client

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